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Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder

Cap – Bore dia 25mm to 600mm
Stroke – upto 4000mm
Pressure – 160 kg/cm², 210 kg/cm², 350 kg/cm²,
and especially in 560 kg/cm² and 700 kg/cm²  range
Types – Single acting, double acting in tie rod type,
welded and screwed ends construction and multistage telescope types.

Hydraulic Cylinders popularly known as Linear Motors are mechanical devices used to transfer the linear motion and/ or to transfer the force in particular direction (axis) by the means of pressurized fluid. Cylindrical Tube, Piston, Piston Rod, Gland, Bottom, Tie-Rods, Clevis, Trunions, Seals etc forms the parts of the Hydraulic Cylinder depending upon their type of construction.

Working Principle
The pressurized oil from the source is supplied to the oil port of cylinder. The oil exerts the pressure on piston area thus pushing it forward which generates the linear motion. The load exerted by the cylinder proportional the area of piston at particular pressure.

Applications : Hydraulic Cylinders have wide range of applications in Industrial Machineries, Earth Moving Equipments, Vehicles, Locomotives, Mining Machineries, Construction Equipments, Various Tools, etc.

Depending on the application different types of cylinders are used. The types of cylinders can be classified as:
Single Acting: In these cylinders pressurized oil is supplied to only one port in order to transfer linear motion either in extension or retraction of the cylinder.
Double Acting: Double acting cylinder transfers the linear motion in both directions i.e. during extension or retraction. The pressurized oil is supplied to both the ends of these cylinders.

Also the cylinders are classified according to their construction. Hydraulic cylinders are manufactured according to various working parameters such as working pressure available, speed of operation, external parameters such as temperature, climatic conditions etc. Following are some famous types of constructing the cylinder.

Tie-Rod Type Cylinder:
These cylinders have industrial application in major. High Tensile Strength rods are used to hold the ends around the tube of the cylinder. In short, tie-rods are used to assemble the cylinder. Tie-Rod type cylinders are used for small to medium range of load. These cylinders can be easily dissembled and repaired. For smaller size, four tie rods are used. The numbers of tie rods are increased up to 16 for heavy cylinders.
Welded Type Cylinder:
Welded type cylinders have robust design as compared to tie rod type cylinders. They are preferred for their compact design and heavy duty applications. Comparatively they are complex for maintenance since they are welded.

Different types of mountings are used for the hydraulic cylinders depending up on the sources available to transfer the linear motion and/ or force. Following are some commonly used mountings for the hydraulic cylinders:
Clevis Cylinders:
Clevis is provided at front or rear end or both ends of the cylinder depending up on the mounting arrangement available. This type of mounting is generally used for cylinders of earthmoving equipments and various industrial applications.
Flange Cylinders:
Flange is provided at front or rear end or both ends of the cylinder depending up on the application. Hydraulic presses uses flange mounted cylinders.
Trunnion Cylinders:
When the line of action of force is not linear or motion has arc path, Trunnion mountings are used for cylinders to achieve self aligning. The trunnion can be at front end, rod end or at intermediate position. Trunnion mounting can be clubbed with clevis mounting.

Stages of operations
Single Stage Cylinders
Basically the cylinders are single stage where in linear motion or force is transmitted in single movement of piston rod.
Multi Stage Cylinders
But in case very long motion to be transferred with the restricted collapsed height of the cylinder, a multi-stage cylinder benefits the most. When the pressurized oil is supplied to the cylinder telescopic piston rods extends outwards one after the other providing comparatively exorbitant linear motion. The number of stages varies from 2 to 4 stages.






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