Hydraulic Jacks

The Jacks are suitably used in bridge construction, plant construction, lifting operations, concrete pile testing, and pressing operation and for maintenance in many industries such as steel, cement, aviation, construction and power plants.

We are engaged in manufacturing a wide gamut of excellent quality Hydraulic Jacks. We also offer customized Hydraulic Jacks.

• High-grade raw material
• Robust Design
• Durable
• Low Maintenance

• Capacity: 01 Tonnes to 1000 Tonnes
• Stroke: Standard up to 150mm; more than 150mm on request
• Pressure: 550 kg/cm² & 700 kg/cm² Series
• Special Pressure Range: on request
• Types: Single Acting, Double Acting, and Multi Stage Jacks
• Types: Screwed Ram, Plain Ram, Low Height, Multi Stage, Hollow Ram Jacks.
• Types of Operation: Remote Operated and Integral
• High Temperature (up to 150°C) applications (if required)

Screwed Ram Jack
• Load Capacity 10 to 1000 Tonnes
• Robust Design
• Remote operated / Integral
• Spring Return/ Load Return**
• Screwed Ram with Safety Lock Nut
• Mounting Holes on Base
• Maximum Operating Pressure 700kg/cm²
Generally Used for Lifting Purpose, Holding Loads at Elevated Height, etc.
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Plain Ram Jacks
• Load Capacity 05 to 1000 Tonnes
• Robust Design, Plain Ram
• Maximum Operating Pressure 700kg/cm²
• Single or Double Acting
• Spring Return / Load Return**
• Mounting Holes on Base or Collar Threaded
• Remote operated / Integral
Generally Used for Load application, bending, tools, mills, railway workshops, labs, compacting purpose and other production applications.
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Low Height Jacks
• Low Height for confined spaces
• Load Capacity 05 to 200 Tonnes
• Operating Pressure up to 700 kg/cm²
• Single Acting, Spring Return
• Mounting Holes for fixing the jacks
• Hardened Chrome Plated Body
Used in multiples for Jacking/ Pressing Operations.
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Hollow Ram Jacks
• Single Acting/ Double Acting
• Load Capacity 05 to 100 Tonnes
• Operating Pressure up to 700 kg/cm²
• Plain Ram type
Used for Tube Pullers of heat exchangers, Tensioning, removing bearing bushes, pins Applications,
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Multi Stage Jacks
• Multi-Stage Rams
• Maximum Stages : 4
• Customized Designs
• Operating Pressure up to 700 kg/cm²
• Low retracted length and high stroke
For Lifting, Positioning Purposes.
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