Hyraulic Power Pack Unit

The unit which supplies pressurized oil in a particular sequence to the hydraulic equipments, tools and machines.

• Robust Design
• Durable
• Standard Components
• Aesthetic design
• Low Maintenance

Specifications : 
• Oil Capacity: up to 2000 liters
• Pressure: up to 700 kg/cm² 
• Special Purpose: to suit particular requirement
• Single Acting, Double Acting
• Multiple Control Stations with Flow Control, Pressure Control, Time Control
• Safety Features: Low Oil Level, Oil Cooling Unit
• Type: Stationary or Mobile type
• Input: 3Ø 440V AC or 12/24 V DC
• Control Voltage: 220 V AC or 24V DC or 110V AC
• Application: Jacking, Pressing, Lifting, Tilting equipments

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